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The practice was set up in 1985 to provide specialist traffic and highway engineering advice related to the pre-planning of development projects. The scope of work undertaken embraces the initial feasibility of the proposal, appraisal of the likely impact of the development, preliminary layouts of any highway accesses or road improvements necessary to serve the development, negotiation with the Highway Authority and advice on the preparation of highway agreements. A significant feature of the work is the preparation of Transport Assessments (previously called Traffic Impact Assessments ) or preparing the appropriate sections in an Environmental Assessment. Where necessary more detailed highway layouts can be prepared to enable cost estimates to be produced or for inclusion in Agreements. When applications go to Appeal then expert evidence can be presented at the subsequent Public Inquiry.

To ensure the best contemporary advice the practice relies on being aware of the current criteria and priorities set out by both Central and Local Governments. An extensive library is maintained that includes technical and legal publications on planning and highway law, traffic and highway engineering standards, research reports, technical journals and many other references in the traffic engineering field. Where this resource fails then information can be sought from the internet through a high-speed ADSL broadband connection. Advice has been given, on a non-specific basis of the consequences of revised government guidance embodied in Design Standards, Circulars and PPG's.

Micro-computers are installed with a number of software packages that include the Department of Transport's standard analysis and evaluation programs, including the latest versions of TRANSYT 11, ARCADY 5, PICADY4, OSCADY4 and the TRL 'BUNDLE' suite of traffic analysis programs. The PC version of COBA is available but rarely used these days. The practice is also a licensed user of WINTRACK, a commercial program to plot the path of any type of vehicle as it manoeuvres through a junction, service yard or traffic calming feature.

The practice does not subscribe to the TRICS database as too little of the data is relevant to contemporary parking standards and hence this database does not reflect the likely trip generation rates of a development built to PPG 13 or PPG 3 maximum parking standards. However TRICS is available on a bureau basis and this is used when necessary.

The practice is based in Winchester and is conveniently located to serve the whole of central and southern England and Wales. In recent years the practice has been involved with development projects as far afield as Cornwall, South Wales, East and West Midlands, East Anglia and Kent.

Advice has been given on the following types of project:

Residential :

  • whole new settlements
  • housing areas
  • expansion of existing residential areas
  • conversion of derelict land
  • sheltered accommodation
  • affordable housing
  • student accommodation
  • gypsy sites

Commercial :

  • offices and business parks
  • industrial estates
  • warehousing

Leisure/Recreational :

  • theme park
  • holiday village
  • golf courses
  • leisure facilities (including multi-screen cinemas, major sports events, motor sport park, pop concerts, marinas etc)
  • football clubs
  • hotels and caravan sites

Retail :

  • regional centres
  • superstores
  • retail warehouses
  • DIY stores
  • garden centres/farm shops

Motorists Facilities :

  • new garages and filling stations
  • change of use to permit car sales
  • service areas
  • motorists restaurants

Institutional :

  • new churches
  • new and enlarged schools
  • buildings for public authorities

Waste Management :

  • new and enlarged landfill sites
  • waste transfer stations

Minerals :

  • expansion of existing quarries
  • new extraction sites

Richard Parker is an accredited witness in the Law Society Directory of Expert Witnesses. He frequently has to give specialist advice on traffic and highway matters to Inquiries, The Lands Tribunal and in litigation cases in County Courts. In the Traffic Engineering field specialist advice has been given to a number of Local Planning Authorities and on occasions this has including representing their interests at Public Inquiries. The practice is able to organise traffic surveys where appropriate, although generally this is sub-contracted to specialist survey companies. However speed surveys are always carried out in-house using our equipment.

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